Pilatus PC-12 available for charter from Strategic Moves LLC

2004 Pilatus PC-12

Pilatus PC-12 charter aircraft operated by Strategic Moves LLC. Based at KCLT

About This Pilatus PC-12

One of the most popular models we assist customers in acquiring and then managing, is the versatile Pilatus PC-12. This large-cabin, Swiss-built luxury turboprop delivers direct operating costs significantly less than other comparable business aircraft. The PC-12 is a technologically-advanced general aviation aircraft capable of luxurious transport to an important Board meeting, yet with a renowned short and unpaved field capability to land just a few miles from an owner's favorite ski resort or fishing lodge.

Tech Specs
Cruise Speed 260 knots Climb Rate 1680 ft/min
Passengers 6 seats Year 2004
Cabin Height 4'10" Range miles
  • Galley
  • Wifi
  • Enclosed Lavatory
  • Flight Attendants
  • Pilot & Copilot
  • Wet Bar
  • Luggage Area
  • Airshow (Flight Tracker)
  • Satellite Phone
  • Bedroom
  • Divan (Couch)
  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Reclining Seats
  • 110V Outlets
  • Espresso Maker
  • Refreshment Center
  • Satellite TV
  • DVD Player
  • Apple Compatible
  • Argus Rating
About Strategic Moves LLC

Strategic Moves provides aircraft charter services under our own FAA issued Air Carrier Certificate. Our charter mission provides aircraft charter service with the venerable Pilatus PC-12 and other propjet or jet aircraft. Our clients experience the comfort and convenience of modern air travel with the freedom to make changes according to their schedule--not that of the commercial airlines. We’ll fly you into the closest appropriate airport to your ultimate destination with departure and arrival cities determined by the client. Since confidentiality and all aspects of your air charter including the visibility of travelers is controlled, travelling by private aircraft charter is much less likely to be affected by invasion of privacy or threats of terrorism. Strategic Moves’ present charter fleet includes the advanced aerodynamic design 7-passenger Swiss-built Pilatus PC-12 with an Executive Cabin by BMW Designworks. The Pilatus PC-12 combines class-leading operating economies with more than one million hours of proven reliability and safety. With a 310 miles per hour cruise speed, a 1500 mile range with a 1,200 lb payload and NBAA IFR reserves, the established versatility of the Pilatus PC-12 is perfectly matched to your charter application and mission. And with a fuel burn 40% less than comparable cabin aircraft, the Pilatus is the ultimate “green” choice in private charter aircraft. Read more

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