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SimpleCharters is the leading platform to purchase private air charter flights online.

SimpleCharters is the worldwide leader in online, on-demand air charters. The company’s mission is to radically advance the state of air charter by virtual consolidation of fleet offerings through its proprietary real-time booking engine. Learn more about how it works.

SimpleCharters On-Demand Charter Jet Cards NetJets™ Memberships
No Interest/Membership Purchase
No Aircraft Lock-in
Total Domestic Coverage
Automated Aircraft Replacement
No Minimum Commitment 25+ Flight hours 36 Months 12 Months
No Minimum Flight Usage N/A 25+ hours Over 50 hours per year Over 25 hours per year
Pricing Model A la Carte Flight, block, or wholesale hourly rates Pre-purchase flight time Upfront aircraft purchase Membership
Aircraft Models 25+ 3 On average Varies 13 Varies
Aircraft Selection Select ideal aircraft for every flight Downgrade if available Downgrade if available Downgrades guaranteed Downgrades guaranteed
Sources: NetJets

Instead of purchasing an expensive aircraft interest, SimpleCharters lets you charter the exact aircraft you need for your trip. This a la carte pricing model allows us to make hundreds of aircraft available to you, for no upfront costs.

What happens in the event of a cancellation?

All too often charter flights are canceled, rescheduled, or moved to a different operator. SimpleCharters insulates you from these issues. Our proprietary A5 system automatically detect scheduling conflicts, crew availability, aircraft-owner approval issues, and more ensuring that when you book a flight an aircraft that exceeds your expectations is ready by wheels-up time.

With on-demand charter, operators will go to great lengths to ensure that an appropriate aircraft is made available but ultimately they are limited by their fleet size (which is 4 aircraft on average). Our technology virtually consolidates these fleets, distributed all over the globe, and gives you the comfort and reliability to book your flight and go— with no disruptions.

SimpleCharters is not a fractional program‐ no commitments or upfront costs

Thanks to SimpleCharters a la carte pricing, you can fly as many hours as you need to per year, without worrying about overages or surcharges. Not flying as often? Because you didn't purchase an aircraft interest, you only pay for what you use.

What is Aircraft Lock-in?

Many Jet Cards and Fractional Programs require you to purchase flight hours or an interest in a specific "type" of aircraft. For example, if you buy 50 hours in a Challenger 300 at $8,500 per hour, you'll have predictable expenses for each flight. But what if you need a Turboprop to fly into a small airport? Instead of paying the market rate of $2,000 per hour, you're locked into your original $8,500 hourly rate.

SimpleCharters lets you fly the ideal aircraft for each flight, every time.

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Our technology enables efficiencies never before seen in this industry, all while providing you with the ultimate in flexibility and safety.

How does SimpleCharters guarantee safety?

Thanks to our partnership with ARGUS, the industry's leading safety auditing company, we allow you to conduct your due diligence at a glance before booking your flight. Each of the following is one of the ratings that ARGUS provides:

Gold Rating: a Gold Rating is granted after an in-depth historical and background evaluation is conducted on an operator. They must pass the evaluation which includes compilation, processing and scoring the commercial certificate, pilots, and aircraft associated with each certificate.

Gold Plus Rating: a Gold Plus Rating is awarded to more experienced operators that satisfy the Gold Rating requirements in addition to passing an ARGUS on-site safety audit.

Platinum Rating: this is the highest, most prestigious level of the ARGUS Ratings. Recipients of this Rating are experienced operators who satisfy all the requirements of the Gold Rating, and in addition must pass the ARGUS Platinum on-site safety audit and demonstrate a well-developed Safety Management System (SMS), Emergency Response Plan (ERP), and well-documented maintenance and operational records.

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