Flying Private During COVID-19

Flying Safe During COVID-19

The safest way to travel

Flying private allows you and your passengers to avoid busy airports, stay socially distant, and trust that your aircraft is clean.

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Flying private during COVID-19

Smaller airports have 1000x less travelers

Stay socially distant by accessing small, private aviation airports which have 1,000x less travelers than their commercial airport alternatives.

COVID-19 Safe Airports
Avoid TSA with Private Jets

No TSA Lines

Flying privately allows you to board the aircraft directly from your vehicle, further reducing social and physical contact within the airport.

Sanitized Aircraft & Socially Distant Crew

Every aircraft is being sanitized before and after every flight to ensure your safety.

Additionally, your crew will be practicing social distancing and not shaking hands with passengers. Crews are screened regularly.

Socially distant private jets

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