Dispatch by SimpleCharters - Intelligent Aircraft Scheduling Software

Introducing Dispatch. The most intelligent scheduling software in the world.

Modern scheduling software

Dispatch enables you to intelligently manage your operations resources, including aircraft and crew members, using its beautifully modern interface. Generate accurate quotes in seconds, schedule trips, access real-time trip sheets, and list your aircraft in the SimpleCharters marketplace. Dispatch is here to modernize the charter industry.

Dispatch is scheduling software re-imagined for the 21st century charter industry, packed with power features such as:

  • Instantly list on SimpleCharters Marketplace
  • Accept credit cards for 3.0% fee
  • Charge stored payment methods for incidental fees
  • Access anywhere in the world

Automated Quoting

Tap into the advanced pricing engine that powers SimpleCharters by instantly generating quotes to send to your clients.

The SimpleCharters pricing engine uses individual pricing profiles for each aircraft to generate detailed quotes for any flight plan. Each pricing profile is comprised of over two dozen user-controlled parameters, allowing you to maintain the utmost control over your pricing.

  • Individual pricing profiles for each aircraft
  • Instantly create detailed flight plans
  • Supports landing, overnight, handling, repositioning, etc.
  • Customize landing fees and bias times for any airport

Multi-Quotes. Instant Checkout.

The days of sending (or faxing) individual quotes to your clients are long gone. Instead of overwhelming your client with a number of quotes for different aircrafts, credit card authorizations, and wire instructions, you can simply send our revolutionary quote sheets.

Cut out unnecessary wait times by allowing the client to book instantly as soon as they decide on an aircraft. Multi-quotes are incredibly powerful, and the following features will change the way your clients book:

  • Single quote sheet containing multiple aircraft
  • Quotes automatically update to your changes
  • View detailed quote insights, such as number of views
  • Year-end reports highlight conversion rates

Accept Credit Cards. Get Paid.

Your clients require flexible payment methods. Sometimes wires and checks just don't cut it. Now you can accept credit card payments for an industry low of 3.0%. After you send your clients a quote, they can easily book and pay for the trip with our easy-to-use checkout process.

Behind the scenes, the funds are automatically transferred to your account via ACH, ensuring you have funds in place before wheels-up time.

  • Industry low 3.0% credit card fee
  • Stored payment methods for every client
  • Easily bill incidental charges after the trip
  • 48 hour transfer time to your bank account