Flash Prices - Huge Cost Savings on Private Jets

Flash Prices

Huge discounts on private jet flights

Enjoy steep discounts on select routes with SimpleCharters. In a dynamic market of supply and demand, pricing will fluctuate. Flash Prices are for everyone looking for the best price on the market.

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No Membership Needed

SimpleCharters has no memberships, meaning you can book flights with no upfront costs or commitments.

Short Notice

Our technology recognizes when there's excess capacity for short notice flights, ensuring you get the best deal on the market for your trip. Whether your flight is in a couple days or a few hours, you'll have the option to book our guaranteed price or choose a flash price.

Empty Legs & Special Routes

Find huge savings on select routes when there's an empty leg or special pricing available. Have confidence in the price you pay when booking your flight on SimpleCharters.

One Stop Shopping

Unlike other private aviation companies, SimpleCharters is an open platform free from any expensive memberships. You can price shop and book at your convenience.

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