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Free Flights

Earn free private jet flights by referring your friends

Earn $500 in flight credits every time one of your referrals books and completes a flight on SimpleCharters. Credits can then be redeemed to book your next flight!

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No Membership Needed

SimpleCharters has no memberships, meaning you can book flights and refer friends with no upfront costs or commitments.

Give $500

Your referrals will receive $500 off their first flight. Simply give them your unique referral code to use, which never expires.

Earn $500

Every time someone books and completes their first flight using your referral code, your account will be credited with $500.

Tweet It Out

Share your promo code with your Twitter followers to maximize your code's exposure. On your account dashboard you'll find a deep link that you can tweet to make it easier for your followers to get started

Youtube Videos

Youtube shoutouts are great way to share your promo code with your subscribers. Adding the link to the video description makes it easy for them to redeem their credit and for you to earn!

Using Your Free Flights

Redeeming your credits has never been easier. Simply plan your flight, select your aircraft, and your credits can be applied towards the flight cost in the checkout — whether partial payment or the whole amount.

Refer Friends, Reap Rewards

Unlike other private aviation companies, SimpleCharters is an open platform free from any expensive memberships. You can price shop and book at your convenience.

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Credits have no cash value. SimpleCharters reserves the right to suspend your account and revoke any referral credits if they were earned against our terms.