Funded Accounts

Funded Accounts

Deposit funds and fly!

Funded Accounts are the easiest way to book private jets. Enjoy the safety and security of flying down your balance without having to worry about credit cards or wire transfers.

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Transparent real-time pricing for your exact itinerary, guaranteed.

No Memberships

SimpleCharters has no memberships, meaning you can book flights with no overhead costs or commitments.
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Book Last Minute With Ease

Funded Accounts let you book last minute flights with ease! Without having to reach for a credit card or call your bank, you can confirm that next-day trip in minutes.

Whether you're on the go or at your desk, it's a seamless experience. 

Getting Started

Fund your account with a wire transfer. We’ll confirm on receipt and you can begin booking trips immediately. We recommend funding the account with sufficient funds for 3 months of charter flights, and there is a minimum deposit of $25,000.

Reach out to our sales team to get started! 

SimpleCharters Funded Account

All-Inclusive Pricing

With our hand-vetted fleet of private jets, you can reliably book the perfect aircraft for your trip everytime. Our real-time pricing ensures you're booking the best available price in the market, using only hand-vetted aircraft.

Luxury Premium Standard
Ultra Large Supermid Midsize Light Turboprop
Cabin Floorplan 435 ft² 320 ft² 126 ft² 125 ft² 110 ft² 85 ft²
Cabin Volume 2,780 ft³ 1,525 ft³ 930 ft³ 576 ft³ 263 ft³ 330 ft³
Typical Seats 12+ 10+ 8 8 6 6
Flight Attendant