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Reliable private jet charters without the overhead costs

For those demanding the ultimate availability, flexibility, and reliability

At its core, SimpleCharters is a membership-free platform, open to everyone looking for a better way to fly private. Booking online is just the surface, SimpleCharters opens the door to an elevated experience while freeing you from the costly overhead of jet-cards, fractional programs, or ownership.

Ideal Aircraft For Every Trip

We know every trip is different, which is why flying with SimpleCharters lets you choose the perfect aircraft for every flight— whether a single-engine plane or large-cabin jet.

Guaranteed Availability

SimpleCharters' revolutionary platform is also world's most intelligent fleet-management software, guaranteeing you have access to the aircraft you need when you need it most.

Safe and Reliable

Our hand-vetted, government licensed charter operator network paired with our proprietary technology ensures the safety, quality, and availability of your aircraft.

No Membership Needed

SimpleCharters is open to anyone looking to leave the confines and restrictions of traditional charter programs. Get started today by booking your next trip.
Private charter aircraft on SimpleCharters Private charter aircraft on SimpleCharters

Fiscally Responsible Flying

Cut out waste by choosing the most appropriate aircraft for each trip. Flying SimpleCharters lets you fly a cost-effective turboprop for a short flight, while choosing a large-cabin jet for an intercontinental trip.

  • Cut emissions by flying the ideal aircraft every trip
  • Access every type of aircraft without lock-in memberships
  • No overhead costs of ownership or memberships
  • Fly as much as you need, with no minimums

Save time and money by flying only what you need. Private jets can access over 5,000 airports in the United States. Access over thousands more by utilizing smaller aircraft, such as helicopters, piston planes, and turboprops typically unavailable in other charter programs.

Book Your Flights With Confidence

One of the concerns that many private aviation customers have is this: “what if my flight cancels?” SimpleCharters understands your concern. The last thing you want to do is end up struggling to find an alternative if an aircraft or crew suddenly becomes available.

Here is where SimpleCharters puts the power of our technology to work for you. We have an expansive inventory of aircraft available through our charter partners, and our system performs a continuous real-time analysis of the status of each airplane and crew. If the plane you were initially scheduled for suddenly becomes unavailable, we reschedule you instantly.

This guaranteed aircraft replacement is a service that you’d find only with the most expensive jet card and fractional ownership companies, but SimpleCharters comes without the long-term contracts and substantial upfront costs associated with those programs.

Private jet reservation page on SimpleCharters

No Overhead Costs

SimpleCharters has no upfront costs or membership fees. All flights are pay as you go, using one of our flexible payment options, and there is no minimum usage or long-term contracts.

Cancellation Protection

Thanks to our expansive inventory, when you book a flight on SimpleCharters you never have to worry about unexpected maintenance, crew availability, or cancellations. Our technology automatically allocates aircraft based on real-time availability data.

Instant Flight Bookings

Enter your itinerary, view the available options, and purchase your flight. At SimpleCharters all of our aircraft are instantly bookable, meaning you can skip the quote requests, phone calls, and endless emails.

No Aircraft Lock-in

Unlike memberships or jet-cards that restrict you to flying an average of 2 types of aircraft, SimpleCharters lets you book the ideal aircraft for each trip. Fly everything from a helicopter to a large-cabin jet with ease.

Total Domestic Coverage

Utilize SimpleCharters no matter where you are, thanks to our coast-to-coast coverage. With our extensive networked-fleet, you can reliably book any type of aircraft when you need it most without having to worry about coverage areas.

As Low As 24 Hour Notice

Accessibility and reliability go hand-in-hand. With as little as 24 hour notice your aircraft will be scheduled and ready for your next trip.

Safety is our top priority

SimpleCharters’ core value is transparency, and we believe that you have the right to make an informed decision about the charter operator that you entrust with your travel plans.

That is why we make the ARGUS ratings of our partner charter air carriers available to you right on our website. ARGUS is an industry leader in safety management systems and analytics. You’ll be able to review historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background checks, and on-site safety audit results before you make your reservation. Information is power, and SimpleCharters puts that data at your fingertips.

Two Pilots on Every Flight

On Turboprop and greater sized aircraft, every flight is always flown by two FAA-rated pilots for maximum comfort and safety.

ARGUS Ratings on SimpleCharters

Discover Where We Can Take You

Local, National, and Global Destinations Are Always Within Reach

Range Duration Seats
Helicopter 100 miles 1 hour 2-6
Single/Twin Engine 200 miles 2 hours 2-4
Turboprop 700 miles 3 hours 4-6
Light Jet 1200 miles 3 hours 4-6
Midsize Jet 1500 miles 4 hours 6-8
Super Midsize Jet 2500 miles 5 hours 6-10
Large Cabin Jet 3000+ miles 6+ hours 8-15

Payment Methods

We offer many flexible payment choices to best suit your needs

Credit Card

The preferred "pay as you go" payment method by the majority of our clients, credit cards enable you to pay for your charter flight at the time of booking without having to worry about bank hours, funds availability, or accounting departments.

Prepaid Balance

Available by request only, by prepaying your account you're able to take advantage of last-minute flight bookings, no cancellation fees, and the ability to withdraw your funds at anytime. If you're familiar with fractional programs, our prepaid accounts are ideal for you.


Due to extremely fast transactions, no middleman, and confirmation via the blockchain, Bitcoin is rapidly becoming a first-class money transfer method, especially for global commerce. We’re proud to support this cutting edge payment method.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are a safe and secure method of paying for your charter flight. Wire transfers are accepted internationally and allow you to securely transfer funds between banks. Detailed wire instructions are provided during the checkout process.

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