Flying Private with SimpleCharters

Specify your itinerary, select your aircraft, and purchase your flight.

Instant Booking, No Waiting

When you book a private flight online with SimpleCharters, it's processed and confirmed in seconds. All of our pricing and availability is guaranteed, ensuring you fly the private aircraft you've selected for the price you paid.

Expansive Inventory

Each private charter flight is unique, so pick the appropriate aircraft for the flight. We give you the flexibility and tools to choose the ideal aircraft from our ever growing network of operators.

Safety and Amenities

Compare similar aircraft options by their ARGUS safety ratings and in-flight amenities, such as wifi and sat-phone. Know the private aircraft in-and-out before your flight begins.

Private air charter itinerary
Private air charter purchasing on SimpleCharters

Enter Your Itinerary

Booking your charter flight has never been easier. Simply enter your itinerary into our easy-to-use itinerary bar, selecting the dates and times for each leg. From a one-way flight, to a multi-city tour, it's a seamless experience from the start.

  • Search for airport by partial name or location
  • Select your exact departure times
  • No personal information required
  • Works on any device

Review Available Aircraft

It takes the industry an average of 6 hours to produce an air charter quote. SimpleCharters gives you dozens of guaranteed prices in less than 5 seconds.

SimpleCharters only shows you actual aircraft availability and pricing, so when you select the aircraft that you would like to book for your trip, you can proceed to the checkout without delay. Never request a quote again.

  • Guaranteed pricing & availability
  • Select detailed amenity for optimal comfort
  • Zero wait time for pricing
  • No phone calls required
Private jet reservation page on SimpleCharters
Private jet reservation page on SimpleCharters

Book Your Flight

We've designed our checkout process to be as familiar as possible. Our guided process ensures all pertinent details are captured, such as passenger information, luggage weights, and special requests.

Pay for your flight with secure credit card processing or wire transfer, and it is instantly confirmed. Behind the scenes our automated scheduling system handles crew and aircraft allocation, ensuring your flight takes off exactly on time.

  • Checkout in less than 60 seconds
  • Pay via credit card or wire transfer
  • Instant confirmation upon payment
  • Live-updating trip sheet
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Hand Selected Private Aircraft Inventory.

Unlike jet-cards or fractional programs, you're not locked into a particular aircraft. Each trip is unique, demanding the right aircraft to get the job done. SimpleCharters lets you book flights instantly, no matter where in the world you are. Say "Goodbye" to expensive membership programs. Say Hello to the future.