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Our standard is to provide you with the ultimate levels of confidence, comfort, and safety in the charter you select.

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Top Aircraft. Top Operators. Top Pilots.

We believe our clients should board a private charter knowing they are being serviced, flown, and catered to by the highest rated operators in the world. Confidence that the pilots are at the top of their trade, with the full complement of current hours on the aircraft, the maintenance is current and complete, and the operator maintains the highest standards of conduct and practice in the industry. It’s a big deal.

Thanks to our exhaustive operator screening, we ensure the SimpleCharters Marketplace includes only the finest operators. From stringent background checks, to maintenance and operating history, we examine all aspects of each and every operator.

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  • ARGUS Ratings
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Review ARGUS ratings before every flight.

ARGUS is the leading safety auditing company, looking over the most minute details of each charter operator. ARGUS lets you examine historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background checks, and on-site safety audits. With SimpleCharters, this data is at your fingertips.

Gold Rating: a Gold Rating is granted after an in-depth historical and background evaluation is conducted on an operator. They must pass the evaluation which includes compilation, processing and scoring the commercial certificate, pilots, and aircraft associated with each certificate.

Gold Plus Rating: a Gold Plus Rating is awarded to more experienced operators that satisfy the Gold Rating requirements in addition to passing an ARGUS on-site safety audit.

Platinum Rating: this is the highest, most prestigious level of the ARGUS Ratings. Recipients of this Rating are experienced operators who satisfy all the requirements of the Gold Rating, and in addition must pass the ARGUS Platinum on-site safety audit and demonstrate a well-developed Safety Management System (SMS), Emergency Response Plan (ERP), and well-documented maintenance and operational records.

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