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Everything is processed in real-time, meaning clients can search, book, and pay for their next trip in seconds. Funds are transferred instantly, along will all customer information.

Automated Scheduling Integration

Our advanced scheduling integrations keeps SimpleCharters stays up-to-date with the most current availability information, ensuring you won't have to worry about maintaining your account.

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Clients can book a trip in three simple steps:

Specify itinerary for upcoming trip using user-friendly interface

Compare available aircraft with current ARGUS data

Book and painlessly pay for the trip with a credit card

SimpleCharters is designed from the ground-up to be a customer friendly platform to book trips in seconds.

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Confirmed Trips, No Leads

SimpleCharters only sends you paid and confirmed trips. We're the only online platform for clients to book trips instantly, with no human intervention.

Dedicated Account Manager

One of our dedicated account managers will facilitate your account creation and help you manage regular upkeep.

One Time Setup Fee

There are no monthly, annual, or subscription fees to list your aircraft on the platform. We only charge a small one time setup fee to create your SimpleCharters account.

Stored Billing Information

Easily bill customers for incidental charges incurred during a recent flight directly through SimpleCharters.

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