Private Jet Pricing

Private Jet Pricing

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SimpleCharters uses real-time availability based pricing, ensuring you get the best price on the market. Hourly rates shown are representative of average costs

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Empty Legs & Special Routes

Enjoy savings on select routes when there's an empty leg or special pricing available. Have confidence in the price you pay when booking your flight on SimpleCharters.

This pricing is seamlessly integrated into our platform for your convenience.

Luxury Premium Standard
Ultra Large Supermid Midsize Light Turboprop
Cabin Floorplan 435 ft² 320 ft² 126 ft² 125 ft² 110 ft² 85 ft²
Cabin Volume 2,780 ft³ 1,525 ft³ 930 ft³ 576 ft³ 263 ft³ 330 ft³
Typical Seats 12+ 10+ 8 8 6 6
Flight Attendant
Typical Hourly Rate $14,995 $10,995 $7,995 $6,595 $4,995 $3,995