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Frequently Asked Private Jet Charter Questions

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What is SimpleCharters?

SimpleCharters is the leading platform for booking private charter flights with no membership fees or upfront costs. The company?s mission is to advance the state of private aviation by by leveraging privately owned and operated aircraft with revolutionary À La Carte pricing model.

How does SimpleCharters differ from fractional programs?

We are an online aggregator of charter aircraft, allowing you to instantly purchase an charter flight exclusive to your itinerary. SimpleCharters provides you with the flexibility to choose the ideal aircraft for each trip.

How does SimpleCharters work?

SimpleCharters is uniting the air charter operators across the industry to provide a vastly superior online search and procurement experience for our clients. This consolidation is occurring using our exclusive online scheduling engine for optimal aircraft use and routing across a network of aircraft operators. We aren’t buying the operators or their aircraft, we are making their services available to you through our exclusive network. To recreate the SimpleCharters network through traditional industry consolidation would require billions of dollars.

Flight Safety
How does SimpleCharters vet their operators?

We use national regulators combined with our own systems. First, all aircraft charter operators are approved by the FAA and ranked by ARGUS. ARGUS is the leading safety auditing company, looking over the smallest details of each charter operator. SimpleCharters has partnered with ARGUS to provide rich safety data. ARGUS lets you examine historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background checks, and on-site safety audits. ARGUS investigates the exact maintenance plan for each aircraft, and enables you to review this data before your flight. Then the SimpleCharters systems kick in and we take in all of the operators data on planes, ratings, specifications, and locations.

What level of liability insurance is maintained on the aircraft I will be flying on? In the event of an incident, do I come back directly to you?

Our operators maintain their own insurance for each aircraft. Insurance details are listed in the aircraft description available before you book the flight. This enables the greatest flexibility for our customers, by being able to choose the absolute most appropriate aircraft for each trip. In the event of an incident, customers are encouraged to contact both the operator and our support team. We'll facilitate the necessary details.

How experienced are your pilots?

ARGUS reviews pilot training for all of its rated operators, and all pilots adhere to the strict FAA Part 135 standards. On average, all of our partner operators pilots are employed directly by the operator, have in excess of 6,000 flight hours, and are type-rated in multiple aircraft-- although they typically the primary crew for one single aircraft. For finer details, we ask our customers to explore each operator's ARGUS rating report and description prior to booking.

How many bags may I carry?

Each individual aircraft varies and details are listed accordingly on each quote and within the checkout.

What documents are required for boarding?

For all domestic flights, passengers are required to present a valid, current government issued photo ID prior to departure. For all international flights, passengers are required to obtain and present all applicable documentation and identification prior to flight.

How early do I need to arrive for my flight?

Typically you'll need to plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled departure time. Exact arrival times are provided for each flight.

What items are prohbited on flights?

All passengers are required to comply with FAA regulations of transportation of Hazardous Materials. For specific questions about prohibited items, please contact your flight advisor.

Inflight Experience
Whose aircraft will I be flying on?

SimpleCharters is an online marketplace to book private aircraft instantly. All flights are operated through certified aircraft operators who are authorized by the FAA and DOT.

Are wifi, catering, telephone, and other in-flight services available?

All additional services that might enhance a private air charter experience are available to our clients at additional, per item, charge. SimpleCharters offers à la carte pricing so you only pay for what you want. You can review each pricing breakdown and included amenities when booking a flight to understand exactly what is included and if there are any additional costs (which require explicit authorization before you will be billed).

Does SimpleCharters offer flight attendants?

Flight attendants may be requested for an additional fee.

Flight Planning & Costs
How do you determine availability?

Our proprietary algorithms look at numerous factors, including aircraft location and crew availability, in real-time to determine the eligibility of the aircraft. You can be assured that all aircraft shown in the search results are available for your trip. Learn more

How long does it take to get a quote?

At SimpleCharters, there is no requesting or waiting for quotes. Because everything is processed and displayed in real-time, we can provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information in the charter industry.

Does the price vary based on passengers?

No. All prices shown are for the entire aircraft, available exclusively to you for the duration of your trip.

Do you sell individual seats?

No, we currently do not offer the option to book individual seats on any flights.

Does SimpleCharters carry empty leg flights?

No. SimpleCharters enables you to book brand new trips based on your specific needs and requests.

What types of flights can be booked on SimpleCharters?

Clients are able to book on-demand charter flights, designed around their itinerary and dictated by their schedule. There are no empty legs, flights shared with strangers, shuttles, or scheduled routes. SimpleCharters is designed to let clients book the exact flight they desire.

Can you guarantee aircraft availability and in how many hours before departure?

We guarantee aircraft availability once the aircraft has been booked and you have received instant confirmation. Currently, SimpleCharters operates with a 24 hour minimum booking time to ensure all of the appropriate details are guaranteed. We're working aggressively to lower this timeframe.