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SimpleCharters™ Brokers Sentient™ Others WheelsUp™ NetJets™
Nationwide Coverage
24/7 Flight Support
Safety Standards
No Upfront Costs
All Inclusive Pricing
No Aircraft Lock-in
Automated Aircraft Replacement FlightDesk Support FlightDesk Support
No Minimum Commitment 25+ Flight hours 25+ Flight hours 12 Months 60 Months
No Annual Minimums N/A 25+ hours 25+ hours Varies 50+ hours
Choose Aircraft For Each Flight Downgrade if available Downgrade if available Downgrades guaranteed Downgrades guaranteed Downgrades guaranteed
Aircraft Models 25+ 3 on average Varies 13 2 2
Pricing Breakdown
SimpleCharters™ Brokers Sentient™ Others WheelsUp™ NetJets™
Pricing Model A la Carte High margin, low volume Pre-purchase flight time Pre-purchase flight time Membership Purchase share of aircraft
Ultra Large Cabin $14,995 Varies N/A
Large Cabin $10,995 Varies $11,009 $13,550 $12,995 N/A
Super-Midsize Cabin $7,995 Varies $8,345 $9,750 $9,295 N/A
Midsize Cabin $6,595 Varies $7,302 $8,250 $7,695 N/A
Light Cabin $4,995 Varies $5,480 $6,125 $5,795 N/A
Turboprop $3,995 Varies $4,695 N/A
SimpleCharters pricing is calculated in real-time based on aircraft availability. Competitor pricing is based on published hourly rates and may not reflect promotional terms or other offers. Last accessed Feb 19, 2020.
Sources: NetJets, JetSuite, Sentient, WheelsUp
Charles Denault Headshot

SimpleCharters is leading a disruption to the private aviation market. Our mission is simple-- it’s to make private aviation better, faster, and less expensive.

We’re doing this by tearing down the barriers to entry, bringing transparency to an opaque market, and disintermediating the high margin middleman. We’re helping pilots, crew, operators, and aircraft owners run more efficient, profitable businesses while providing our customers with the best experience possible.

We won’t let you down.

Charles Denault Signature Charles Denault Founder & CEO

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Things You Might Hear From Our Competitors...

"Their planes aren't safe"

Here’s the best kept secret in the market.

Everyone uses the exact same aircraft, pilots, and crew for every single flight. Whether you’re flying with a broker, jet card, membership, operator, or any other legal outfit, you’re flying on the same “third-party audited, FAA approved Part 135 aircraft.”

They’ll throw around fancy terms, tell you that only a tiny fraction of the available aircraft meet their standards, that only their pilots have been background checked or flown on the simulator 2x a year. The honest truth is that we all rely on the exact same group of third-party rated aircraft and crew in this highly regulated industry.

"We’ll beat their price-- everytime."

If you’ve flown enough in this market, you’ll know the usual tricks. Low volume, high margin companies will happily sell a flight at a loss to earn a new customer by cutting corners on safety, amenities, and scheduling knowing they’ll make it up next time.

SimpleCharters is transparent and consistent, meaning you’ll pay the same market-based prices every single time.

"There’s no way to tell if a plane is available, it’s too complicated."

We have advanced machine learning algorithms that are running continuously, monitoring hundreds of proprietary data sources. They don’t. In plain english-- our technology does it 100x better than anyone else.

"They’re a startup, we’re the largest private aviation company in the world."

While we are a startup, we’re a venture-backed company with a profitable business model. And did you know this market has no real market leader? It’s so heavily fragmented that no one actually has more than a 10% market share.

"Once you book, they’ll call you and ask for more money"

Patently false. SimpleCharters is proud to offer a 100% money back guarantee, so in the rare event that we’re unable to fulfill your flight, you’ll receive a complete refund.

Better, Faster,
Less Expensive

While other companies are focused on membership fees and forced commitments, we're focused on doing one thing exceptionally well: getting you safely to your destination in comfort, style, and security.

Without the Lifestyle Tax we can provide the best pricing for the highest quality private flights.

ARGUS Ratings on SimpleCharters

Comparing Individual Quotes

Not all quotes are created equal! Use our quick comparison table to make sure you know what you're paying for with other companies.

SimpleCharters Competitor What It Means
All Inclusive Price You will not be billed after the flight for anything except incidental charges such as catering, deicing, or special requests.
Two Pilots Your flight will be flown with two safety-rated, background-checked pilots.
Vetted Fleet Your aircraft meets the SimpleCharters quality standards, ensuring your comfort and safety.
Safety Program Your flight and crew abide by third-party safety standards, operating above and beyond the FAA minimums.
Pet Friendly Enjoy a pet friendly flight without worrying about surprises during boarding.
Standard Amenities All flights have standard amenities shown on the search results, ensuring you know what will be on board for your flight.

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Essential Questions To Ask Our Competitors

How do you vet your pilots?

All pilots are safety-rated, background checked, and perform annual training that exceeds FAA standards.

How do you ensure my information remains private?

We never share your personal information with any third-parties. Flight data, passenger information, or itineraries are never shared or sold.

Which charter operators are allowed?

We hand-vet every single charter operator as part of the SimpleCharters Verified Program. Operator verification includes safety audits, on-site visits, maintenance record audits, and more.

Is your price all inclusive?

All of the prices you see are all-inclusive with no hidden fees.

Will there be any other passengers on my flight?

No, your flight is entirely private to you and your passengers. SimpleCharters flights are never shared.

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