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In our line of business we use chartered services twice a year. They all said this was a great experience, the crew, the snacks, the time of flight, everything worked just great for them.

As for myself and my family, we were very pleased to hear that there were 2 pilots as this puts us at ease when we have a handful of our team all on one flight. Thank you and we look forward to doing business with you again.

Lisa M.

We weekend out east all summer and flying private beats the ferry all day long. You've saved us a bunch of time on each end, super helpful.

Brian S.

The ability to price shop is the coolest part for me, never knew I could get from Seattle to Sun Valley in a cost/time effective manner.

SimpleCharters Customer

We had to move my parents across the country to be closer to us and they were nervous to travel. The team took such great care of all of our details and really made the trip one to remember. Thanks a lot!

Carol A.

My family and I had never flown private charter before, we were excited but had no experience, so we didn't know how to do it or what to expect.

SimpleCharters made the process so easy. We ended up with the right plane and knew what we had to do every step of the way. Next time we fly private, we'll definitely book with SimpleCharters again!

Marion G.

I've been booking private flights for 10 years and it's never been this easy.

Kevin Adams

Listen, there's a lot of booking companies out there that preach being "easy" or "fast". Their site is so easy to navigate. I literally got a quote instantly on a private charter I needed. I was in a pinch and the experience could not have been more straightforward. Will use this again.

Justin Patrie

Needed a last minute business charter and SimpleCharters made the entire experience … well, simple! Really appreciated the pricing options, information about the aircraft, and easy to use website.

Getting all the details before turning over my private information was a breath of fresh air. Highly recommend working with SimpleCharters.

Roy Goble

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