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Safety & Security

The safest, most private experience available

Unparalleled safety, security, and privacy to keep you and your passengers safe while you enjoy the luxuries of private aviation

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Our Commitment To Safety

Learn why SimpleCharters is the leading private jet charter platform

  • Safety Rated Fleet

    SimpleCharters partners only with operators that have passed a stringent safety audit and third-party due diligence. This third-party audit conducts detailed research into every facet of the operation, ensuring both operational and pilot standards exceed regulations.

  • Experienced Pilots

    Every flight is operated by two background-checked, FAA license verified, type rated pilots. All crews must exceed FAA standards for total time, total time in type, total time as pilot in command, and recurrent annual simulator training. Captains have an average of over 9,000 hours while second-in-command have over 4,500 hours.

  • Background Checks

    Every pilot has passed a stringent third-party, detailed background check to ensure your crew acts with professionalism above and beyond FAA minimums.

  • In-depth Historical Analysis

    The due diligence process conducts an in-depth historical analysis of each operator, and only about 400 total operators and 1,200 aircraft pass the SimpleCharters safety standards.

King Air for charter on SimpleCharters Citation jet for charter on SimpleCharters

Finest Aircraft Available

Our distributed fleet of private jets and turboprops is made up of only the highest quality, safest aircraft available. By utilizing hundreds of individual aircraft, we're able to shield you from unexpected downtime, maintenance, and scheduling delays.

All aircraft are maintained according to manufacturer-recommended maintenance programs, overseen by their safety audit and FAA requirements.

Highly Trained Crews

Only highly trained, background checked crews are permitted to fly trips for SimpleCharters. Flight crews required training exceeds FAA minimums.

Beyond ensuring you arrive in safety, your crew will also make sure you arrive in comfort. Expert crew members will make sure you're comfortable and relaxed for your trip.

Private Jet Crew

Privacy & Security

Your personal privacy and security is essential

Absolute Discretion

Your crew are trained to act with the utmost discretion and professionalism when operating your flight. Every interaction should exceed your expectations.

PCI & GDPR Compliance

We're proud to maintain quarterly PCI and GDPR compliance audits to ensure that your data, whether its your email address, credit card information, or passenger names, are securely stored. Your information is never shared or sold.

Built In-House

SimpleCharters was engineered from the ground up, completely in-house to ensure that your sensitive flight and itinerary data is never sent to third-parties.

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