Supplemental Lift For Private Jet Owners

Supplemental Lift For Owners

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Whether you have a corporate jet or personal ownership, SimpleCharters lets you book safe and secure private jets when you need it most

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SimpleCharters is open to anyone looking to leave the confines and restrictions of traditional charter programs. Get started today by booking your next trip.
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Fly The Ideal Aircraft For Every Trip

Increase cost efficiency by selecting the most appropriate aircraft for each trip. Chartering with SimpleCharters allows you to fly a cost-effective turboprop for a short flight while selecting a large-cabin jet for an intercontinental trip.

  • Book all types of aircraft without lock-in
  • No overhead costs of cards or memberships
  • Fly as much as you need without minimums
  • Reduce emissions by flying the ideal aircraft every trip

Ideal Aircraft For Every Trip

We know every trip is different, which is why booking with SimpleCharters lets you select the perfect aircraft for each and every flight— whether a turboprop or large-cabin jet, a short day trip, or a multi-city overseas flight.

Guaranteed Availability

SimpleCharters' revolutionary platform is the world's most intelligent fleet-management software, ensuring you have access to the aircraft you want, when you need it most.

Safe and Reliable

Our hand-vetted, fully licensed charter operator network, paired with our proprietary technology, ensures the safety, quality, and availability of your aircraft.

No Membership Needed

SimpleCharters has no memberships, meaning you can book flights with no upfront costs or commitments.

Share With Friends & Family

Take comfort in knowing your friends and family are in safe, secure, vetted aircraft. SimpleCharters lets you preserve your expensive fractional hours for when you need them most, without sacrificing quality.

Enhanced Privacy

Unlike other programs where aircraft are tracked and easily identified by third-parties, when you fly SimpleCharters you're the only person that knows your aircraft tail-number.

You can never be tracked online except by those you trust.

Book On The Go

SimpleCharters works anywhere, whether you're at your desk or using your iPhone on the go.

Enjoy the full experience and security no matter where you are.

Safety is our top priority

SimpleCharters’ core value is transparency, and we believe that you have the right to make an informed decision about the charter operator that you entrust with your travel plans.

That is why we restrict all of our operators to only those with ARGUS ratings. ARGUS is an industry leader in safety management systems and analytics. Read the ARGUS Announcement for more information.

Two Pilots on Every Flight

On Turboprop and greater sized aircraft, every flight is always flown by two FAA-rated, ARGUS approved, and background-checked pilots.

ARGUS Ratings on SimpleCharters

Payment Methods

We offer many flexible payment choices to best suit your needs. Learn more

Credit Card

The preferred "pay as you go" payment method by the majority of our clients, credit cards enable you to pay for your charter flight at the time of booking without having to worry about bank hours, funds availability, or accounting departments.

Account Balance

By prepaying your account you're able to take advantage of last-minute flight bookings and the ability to withdraw your funds at anytime. As a fractional owner, our prepaid accounts are ideal for you.

Wire Transfer

Wire transfers are a safe and secure method of paying for your charter flight. Wire transfers are accepted internationally and allow you to securely transfer funds between banks. Detailed wire instructions are provided during the checkout process.

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