Why Choose SimpleCharters

Why Choose SimpleCharters

Save time & money when booking

SimpleCharters is better, faster, and less expensive than jet cards or memberships.

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Bottom Line

SimpleCharters provides the safest, highest quality aircraft available in the market at a fraction of the cost of jet cards and memberships

Save Time

Booking charter flights can burn an entire day, using up valuable time and resources from your team.

Book with SimpleCharters and save that lost time by booking in seconds.

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Save Money

Membership fees and overhead costs are so 2019. SimpleCharters connects you with the best private jets in the world, instantly.

Skip the membership fees and overhead costs and enjoy on-demand private aviation.

Verified Aircraft

SimpleCharters only uses hand-vetted, safety rated charter operators.

All operators have passed physical on-site audits, historical flight data analysis, and pilot background checks.

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Experienced Pilots

All of our pilots have passed background checks and exceed our stringent safety standards. All pilots are trained in type, perform annual simulator training,

We make no compromise on the safety of our flights.

Enhanced Privacy

Unlike other programs where aircraft are easily identified by third-parties, your location and passenger information are kept private.

Enjoy world-class privacy, discretion, and security.

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Book On The Go

SimpleCharters works anywhere, whether you're at your desk or using your iPhone on the go. Enjoy the full experience and security no matter where you are.

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Keep It Simple

Ideal Private Jet For Every Trip

Select the perfect charter aircraft for each and every flight— whether a turboprop or large-cabin jet, a short day trip, or a multi-city overseas flight.

Guaranteed Availability

SimpleCharters' revolutionary platform is the world's most intelligent private aviation platform ensures you have access to the aircraft you want, when you need it most.

Safe and Reliable

Our hand-vetted, fully licensed charter operator network, paired with our proprietary technology, ensures the safety, quality, and availability of your private jet.

No Overhead Costs

SimpleCharters has no upfront costs or membership fees. All charter flights are pay as you go, and there is no minimum travel or long-term contracts.

Cancellation Protection

Thanks to our expansive inventory, when you book a flight on SimpleCharters, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected maintenance, crew, or cancellations. SimpleCharters’ technology automatically allocates aircraft based on real-time availability data.

No Aircraft Lock-in

Unlike jet-cards or fractional memberships that restrict your access to flying an average of 2 types of aircraft, SimpleCharters lets you book the ideal aircraft for each trip.

Total Domestic Coverage

Utilize SimpleCharters no matter where you’re located, thanks to our coast-to-coast coverage. With our extensive networked private jet fleet, you can reliably book any type of jet, when you need it most, without having to worry about coverage areas.